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The problem with strategy

Catching up from a busy week, I’m going through a stack of unread articles and magazines. I did manage to read this great quote from Obama’s Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators posted by Umair Hague: “…strategy, too often, kills a deeply-lived sense of purpose, destroys credibility, and corrupts meaning.” That must be encouraging reading for all … Continue reading The problem with strategy

Make your websites “built-to-share”

Today, many organisations are still busy building websites that are built-to-last. At every attempt to introduce new technology or a sparkling new design, best efforts are made to put something robust in place for as long as possible. As many digital leaders have recognized, a web site won't last. There seems to be a clear disconnect … Continue reading Make your websites “built-to-share”

Digital is where brand and identity disconnects

Your brand is hopefully well incorporated into your physical buildings, printed materials and hopefully even how your colleagues act and the tone of voice, giving your customers the experience of a consistent message. Where most organisations are struggling is when it comes to the digital channels, such as the corporate website, which may have the … Continue reading Digital is where brand and identity disconnects