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SEO strategy will become content strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is widely known as a tactical discipline focused on optimising for Google and ensuring that at least some of your content gets found. At recent J. Boye group meetings, I've noticed that SEO has become a much more strategic topic and even a driving force when it comes to content strategy. In … Continue reading SEO strategy will become content strategy

Fake numbers from Facebook?

Churchill famously said: “I only believe in statistics that I doctored myself” I was reminded of this quote at a recent J. Boye group meeting when digital pioneer Jesper Conrad shared a memorable slide from Ogilvy's  Key Digital Trends for 2017. Basically, the message from Ogilvy was: The Facebook metrics are flawed. With Facebook having … Continue reading Fake numbers from Facebook?

How to deal with SEO in multinational organizations

Search engine optimization (SEO) is consistently ranked as one of the most effective digital marketing methods, but if your organization has websites in several countries, how do you prioritize SEO efforts and make sure you get the most value for your brand? Often large organizations with global reach experience new sorts of problems that small … Continue reading How to deal with SEO in multinational organizations

How to create evergreen content

In most communication departments focus is shifting from quantity to quality. The development is no surprise, since the web is overflowing with content, and every second an article tumbles into the abyss of yesterday. As a result the concept of evergreen content is more popular than ever. But what does this illusive concept of evergreen … Continue reading How to create evergreen content