Bring more of yourself to the community and build genuine relationships with innovators and leaders like you.

We’re a network of people who

  • Care about results and the journey
  • Connect on a deeper level with peers, building relationships that last a lifetime
  • Are willing to work with complexity without simplifying it
  • Work with meaning and purpose over personal gains

Our approach takes courage – we make ourselves vulnerable in order to learn, and we come from a place of trust over fear.

We’re not exclusive, you’re welcome to get in touch to see if there is a place for you in our network. Everyone is expected to contribute, be open, and to leave personal ambition at the door.

Since 2004, the peer groups have moved in the intersection between IT, communication and marketing with an increasing focus on leadership and business development

Current group titles and themes include:

Get in touch if you would like a peer group in a location near you!

Who’s a part of it?

The community has become an established hub for change agents in Europe and North America. Member organisations vary from large, complex and global to ambitious start-ups.

Among the active members are Bloomreach, Contentful, Coremedia, Crownpeak, Ecotricity, Kentico, KPS and University of Copenhagen