Navigation is for losers!

The digital game is seemingly always changing and today there's yet another major shift happening in the way we design websites and apps. I've been in endless meetings with heated discussions over website or app navigation and information architecture. Should the navigation be aligned following departmental structures, product lines or copied from the competitors? Should … Continue reading Navigation is for losers!

A brief talk on chatbots

This week I had the pleasure of attending the annual Web Summer Camp arranged by Netgen in beautiful Rovinj, Croatia. As a part of their unconference-like Web Battle session, I prepared a brief presentation on chatbots. The presentation summarises some of my learnings on the emerging topic

Information is a business-critical asset of any organisation

Every organisation knows how many chairs it has, how many hand driers, how many people it employs, how much stock it has and how much money it has in the bank or is owed. Every single one of those assets is listed out and someone takes direct responsibility for making sure that the asset is … Continue reading Information is a business-critical asset of any organisation