Janus Boye

My name is Janus Boye. I’ve worked at the intersection of networking, innovation and digital leadership since 1998. I’ve focused on connecting leaders to learn from each other and create superior results in a friendly down-to-earth way. It has never been boring.

When organisations like Alfa Laval, Nordea, Red Bull, United Nations and the World Health Organization need help moving their digital presence to the next level, they’ve turned to me for peer-to-peer consulting. I don’t write lengthy reports, but rather focus on delivering unique insights and asking good questions based on my experience and extensive network.

Privately I live in an old townhouse in Aarhus with my fiancee and 3 kids. I’m quite involved in trying to improve our schools, kindergartens and the lifes of our kids. One of the founders of Forældrestemmen, a non-profit that works to engage parents of all ages.


Press mentions

T-Systems in Germany interviewed me on enterprise messaging and quoted me in their whitepaper on the topic. See Enterprise messaging – an integrated part of work

Alain Veuve from Switzerland recently talked to me about what it is we do at J. Boye. Read more in this interview in German: Peer-to-peer: Beratung der Zukunft?

Martin White who is widely recognized as the grand old man of intranets, included me on a list of intranet, team working and digital workplace thought-leaders.

Back in 2014 I was interviewed by the BBC on the topic of personal assistants: Hire your own personal assistant and by Perttu Tolvanen with a creative title on Marketing has inherited the web, but doesn’t know what to do with it.



I enjoy taking occasional speaking engagements and have spoken at conferences in Asia, Europe and America. I’ve been a KM World speaker in the US in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

I’ve also contributed to the Web Summer Camp in Rovinj, Croatia since 2016 and look forward to returning in late August.

In April, I'll be in Amsterdam for the Valo Summit