Month: January 2017

Another day, another vendor

Despite talk of consolidation, there is still an overwhelming number of vendors to choose between. As a buyer, how do you navigate a crowded marketplace and avoid risky bets? Not a week goes by when I don’t discover several new vendors, be it marketing automation, digital experience, enterprise search, social intranet or whatever. Many of these … Continue reading Another day, another vendor

The problem with strategy

Catching up from a busy week, I’m going through a stack of unread articles and magazines. I did manage to read this great quote from Obama’s Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators posted by Umair Hague: “…strategy, too often, kills a deeply-lived sense of purpose, destroys credibility, and corrupts meaning.” That must be encouraging reading for all … Continue reading The problem with strategy

Out of office messages – a missed opportunity?

You have probably just switched off your "out of office" message. Most out of office auto replies contain no more than a sentence a two saying when the individual is back in the office. But why miss the opportunity to add some brief relevant communication, such as a link to a marketing campaign or information … Continue reading Out of office messages – a missed opportunity?

Make your websites “built-to-share”

Today, many organisations are still busy building websites that are built-to-last. At every attempt to introduce new technology or a sparkling new design, best efforts are made to put something robust in place for as long as possible. As many digital leaders have recognized, a web site won't last. There seems to be a clear disconnect … Continue reading Make your websites “built-to-share”